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Adira (Emma’s chosen Bellydance superhero name) discovered Bellydance in 1997 advertised on a storefront in Portland Maine. Actually, it was earlier than that. Emma learned to use a record player at an early age to play her parent’s record of Turkish music with the beautiful green-costumed bellydancer on the front. The feminine power, musicality, nuance and community enticed her to continue to develop her studies and style from 1997 to the present day.  Adira also dances Argentine Tango, East Coast Swing, Salsa and other Latin street styles, but they all seem to have a mysteriously smoky spicy quality imbued by the underlying Middle Eastern movement. One of Adira's students describes her style as "creative cabaret". Adira has studied and is grateful to numerous teachers and students (who are also her teachers). She has found that Bellydance shakes things up from the inside out, and runs the dance gamut from personal and introspective, to joyful, noisy and outgoing. Adira invites you to join in and shake it up!

Bellydance Shimmy Party


Add some sparkle to your next event with a shimmy party. Perfect for celebrations and gatherings of all ages and stages! Make a birthday party, Girls night-in or -out, Bachelorette party, Bridal shower, Women’s Transition Celebration, or any sort of get-together unique. Music and jingly accessories provided.



Just like it says; a shimmying aerobic good time. Core, legs, upper body, posture, you name it, bellydance covers it all. Come to my Global Dance Party class – we do bellyrobics in there! FMI click here



Adira performs in St John, New Brunswick

Adira performs at Shimmies for Equality


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