Fermentation “Ferment This!”

left to itself, everything ferments. Since the word is not sterile, we are surrounded by naturally occurring “wild" and local” bacteria and yeasts that eventually inhabit an settle on everything, waiting for its chance to break things down. Fermentation is the breakdown, cold burning of carbohydrates in organic materials, and the release of acids and other associated molecules from the substrate (wheat, grapes, milk etc.) Anything that contains carbohydrates will ferment, and all food contains carbohydrates, therefore all foodorganic materials have associated B/Y that will break it down to its constituents, liberating the molecules for use again in other organisms. Can you imagine if this didn’t happen? Nothing would rot or be returned to the earth - everything would cease to exist. We’d all run out of building blocks pretty quickly.

Basic biology of bacteria and yeasts

  • most basic way of eating “local” examples: local cheeses, san francisco sourdoughs, terroir wines.