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For those who challenge their bodies

Athletes • Musicians • Runners • Contractors • Swimmers • Cyclists • Dancers • Pitchers • Violinists • Skiers • Climbers • Restaurant workers • Tennis players • Guitarists • Golfers • Carpenters • Snowboarders • Team sports players • Farmers • Drummers • etc…


Optimize Your Performance

Massage is a clinically proven and age-old treatment athletes have used to optimize their performance. Sports and Orthopedic massage reduces the chance of injury during training and athletic events, accelerates recovery, and boosts performance. Athletes, musicians and others who challenge their body to find its limits will benefit from massage.

Tailored To You

Each massage will be tailored to the particular needs of your body and the demands of your sport or instrument. Massage is a key to injury prevention and will accelerate recovery for your next event or performance.



In Studio massage

60 min. for $80
75 min. for $90
90 min. for $100

For longer visits:
Add $10 per 15 minute increment over 90 minutes

Shorter visits available:
30 min. for $50
45 min. for $60

Multiple Massage Packages:
3 massages for the price of 2.5 and 6 massages for the price of 5.
6 x 60 minutes: $400, 6 x 75 minutes: $450, 6 x 90 minutes: $500

Sports Massage
from 45.00
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Gift Certificates available, cash, credit cards, and checks accepted
24 hour cancellation policy

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I think Emma Holder is a great Sports Massage therapist. She comes from an athletic background which allows her insight into understanding sports injuries. A massage therapist with the strength and stamina to get deep into the injured area is hard to find. I highly recommend her for a quicker recovery.
— Dan Franek | Former track All-American, 2:22 marathon, 4:06 mile
Training for my first marathon involved going to Emma for Sports massage on a regular basis. Not only was it a big part of my preparation, but after the marathon, Emma’s massage was a crucial part of my recovery and return to distance running. I’ve subsequently done two marathons and have relied on Emma to get me safely through without injury and feeling strong! I wouldn’t run a marathon without her support!
— Liz Wyman | Boston Marathon qualifier
After an intense day of carrying cabinets and counters up three flights of stairs, I needed a massage the next day. It made me feel brand new! If money was no object, I’d do this once a week.
— Elefterios Minas | Owner, Ethos Carpentry
Emma is uniquely able to respond to my specific needs as a performing musician. No two massages are the same enabling her to focus on my changing concerns. Not only does she address current problem areas, but I am convinced that her work has enabled me to avoid injury in a job that is very stressful on my body.
— Jennifer Elowitch | Violinist, Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra