Therapeutic Massage


Benefits of massage

Improved relaxation • Increased flexibility • Stimulation of blood and lymph circulation • Improved immune system function • Improved posture • Better sleep patterns • Mental calmness and clarity • Decreased risk of injury • Decreased lower back pain • Decreased muscle soreness • Reduction of inflammation following sprains/strains • Increased worksite productivity and morale • Among many others…


Why do I need a massage?

This question could be rephrased as: “why should I take care of myself?”
How many hours and dollars per year do you spend on your car? Tune ups, maintenance, parts, labor, inspections, all for a car that may last 10 years.

But what about our primary vehicle? OUR BODIES?
How much time and money is directed towards self-care? Massage is preventative maintenance for our bodies and minds, which must last not just a decade, but our whole LIFETIME.

Tailored To You

The depth of your massage will depend on your preference and need.
You will determine how much pressure is appropriate for your body by how it feels – and this varies, day to day, situation to situation.


In Studio massage

60 min. for $80
75 min. for $90
90 min. for $100

For longer visits:
Add $10 per 15 minute increment over 90 minutes

Shorter visits available:
30 min. for $50
45 min. for $60

Multiple Massage Packages:
3 massages for the price of 2.5 and 6 massages for the price of 5.
6 x 60 minutes: $400, 6 x 75 minutes: $450, 6 x 90 minutes: $500

Therapeutic Massage
from 45.00
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Gift Certificates available, cash, credit cards and checks accepted
24 hour cancellation policy

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