Turmeric, Black pepper

So turmeric (that fabulously golden powder used in many East Indian dishes) has been touted as an excellent anti-inflammatory and has been implicated in decreasing risk for all sorts of things including arthritis, cancer and Alzheimers. However, what doesn’t seem to be common knowledge is that if it is mixed with a small amount of ground black pepper, it become about 2000X more bioavailable. The piperin in the black pepper inhibits the metabolization of the curcumin in the turmeric and allows it to get on with it’s anti-inflammatory activity.  More info here: Article of interest. Most curry powders already have the pepper mixed with the turmeric. Also, curcumin is fat-soluble, so taking your turmeric with coconut oil or ghee, or another fat as well as black pepper is a winning combo. (Like making a curry: Ta Dah – food as medicine). Just turmeric capsules may not have any pepper, and likely no fat either, so you’d have to add some if you are taking just the capsules. Not much pepper is needed, less than a 1/4 t.

I have been experimenting with a delicious Golden Tea or Milk. Whole milk will provide the fat-solubization of the curcumin. recipe HERE. And a simple chicken curry HERE. (I’d add 2 teaspoons more turmeric, and use brown rice instead of white).