Trash in, trash out: A 24 hr challenge for you all.

So in trying not to trash our internal environment: our bodies, Here’s another thing to try – not trashing our external one either. Considering we live embedded within it. Landfills do not remove our trash, as much as relocate it out of sight and therefore out of mind. But it’s all still there. Not decomposing. So, here’s my question: have you had a really good look at what you are throwing away? Read this article, and then try to go for 1 DAY (or more) without throwing anything away. Recycling and composting are OK. Think of some life hacks you could implement to reduce your trash stream – bulk food buying places, farmers markets, sources for veggie/fruit bags (I sewed my own out of mesh nylon – they go in the washer). Share your findings with us; on the Facebook page, in class, or email me. I’d love to hear them.

(We even got into a deeply frank conversation about toilet paper last Wednesday. My answer to that? Get a bidet. Simple, the swing arm attaches to the toilet, and much more hygienic than toilet paper. Here’s the link to the Amazon GoBidet. Best $150 I ever spent. Plus there’s a youtube setup video - I used it -  works great. I’m also happy to help you install it – just ask.)