Eat Slowly (Food rule by Michael Pollan)

I am the first person who needs to heed this advice. I frequently arrive home hungry and am therefore prone to unwisely stuffing things into my face as fast as possible. Or I multitask and eat while _____. Oops. I also seem to simply eat faster than most. Why is this? Eating should be a pleasure, not an inconvenience to get through quickly and move on to other things. In other news (unsurprisingly) slower meals tend to result in better digestion and absorption of nutrients, as well as lower caloric intake. Also, more fluids (OK, maybe wine) tend to be also taken in, and the satisfaction rating of a meal goes up (read this article). Slower food consumption allows the body to register satiety through stomach stretch receptors and hormonal responses as food enters the small intestine. After about 20 minutes, your body will signal satiety. Faster eating will pack a lot more calories into that time frame. Put your fork down. Drink some water. Talk to someone sitting next to you. Taste instead of wolf your food. Also, chew more. Be grateful (for all sorts of things). It will make a difference in your consumption and your health.

I tend to rush around, and eating is no exception. It takes a lot to be mindful, and I’m trying to slow down everywhere in my life. I am playing a game with myself, trying not to be the first one finished if I’m eating with friends. Other helpful ideas?