Salad Magic

One of the healthiest meals can be a big salad with lots of fresh local greens and various other vegetables. You can make it even more interesting by varying toppings and dressings. Here are some suggestions: Crumbled cheese, toasted nuts or seeds (walnuts, flax etc.) leftover roasted vegetables or caramelized onions, canned or smoked fish. A 3-bean, grain or lentil salad can go onto of a green one very nicely. Make interesting dressings with miso (see below)  or a lemon tahini dressing. One of my favorites is a curry dressing. I toss cooked lentils, tuna or sardines with any dressing and then put that combo over top of the greens. YUM. Total protein and fiber and deliciousness. Remember to combine your vegetarian proteins if you are going that way. (See Mar 30 nugget)