Thanksgiving recipes and ideas

I’m going to a Thanksgiving at a friends house, and its going to be a food extravaganza. I’m bringing kale because I know no one else will, plus it’s delicious, plus I need to be responsible for my own healthy choices on this holiday. I’m also doing the Thanksgiving Day 4 miler in the morning – there, I typed it, so now I have to do it.

So here is a link to some excellent recipes (savory and sweet)  gathered from class participants:, a few more recipes here, and some thoughts about how food can bring both pleasure and happiness, but sometimes not at the same time.

An excerpt.  Ask yourself:  “… will this bring me pleasure? Or will it bring me happiness?…”

Which I interpret as “Will this thing I’m about to eat/do bring me only momentary pleasure? Or will it contribute to my long-term happiness? (So perhaps I should rethink whether I eat/do it.)” Of course, this is applicable to all aspects of our lives, but I’m only going to focus on what we eat/drink. What we put into ourselves shuld be the highest octane fuel possible to avoid nasty build up and residue. Think of yourself as a Ferrari purring along – you’d take care of it wouldnt you?  So why does your body deserve less than a car?!

I think we could use some more happiness around food. So much of the food during upcoming season is based on pleasure and instant gratification, but then we have a hard time later dealing with the outcome, mostly weight gain, lack of energy, feeling icky because we really are sensitive to certain things, but pretend we aren’t so we can have that Xmas cookie, pie, brownie… insert your particular Waterloo item here…  Check the regret factor before you eat it. And know that alcohol will almost certainly impair your judgement regarding regret.

Drink a lot of water, and plan your movement schedule NOW.

Happy Thangiving!