Soak your rice

You all know that eating closer to the whole food is better for you, so it goes without saying that if you eat rice, choose the unbleached unprocessed brown kind that still has some fiber  and germ in it. I’m pro-organic too, because ick, chemicals – but that’s up to you. But here’s another thing; pre-soaking your rice (As little as 10 minutes to overnight) will increase it’s digestibility and decrease it’s cooking time.

Grains are dried foods. The soak softens the grain and allows it to cook faster. It also neutralizes phytic acid, which binds and prevents absorption of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and copper. This is a big deal for some folks, especially if you are iron deficient. An overnight soak will be conducive to fermentation and cause a pre-breakdown of fibers we cannot digest, making the nutrients in the grain more bioavailable.