Healthy Hallowe’en

So if you are like me, you avoid Halloween. But if you just can’t, here are some ideas that might help you put your money where your healthy ideals are: Carabiners (Maine Hardware), bouncy balls (Dollar store), glow bracelets or necklaces (not thrilled about the landfill, but they are pretty cool plus keep little trick or treaters illuminated), mini keychain flashlights, fake mustaches, little tubes of bubbles,  themed cookie cutters, fruit leather, Packets of pretzels along with trail mix or salty roasted almonds depending on how nut-avoidant you wish to be. If you absolutely must go with candy, try  an organic supplier - organic candy, or little Clif brownies bars. If you are parents and wish to avoid the post Halloween diabetic surge: 1) buy them out. Yep, a pure and simple bribe. Exchange money for the candy. Unless you know they’ll just buy more candy. Another option – barter the remainder of the candy they bring home for the thing your kids have REALLY wanted recently (not a puppy), or a really cool T-shirt or experience. Win-win! Unless you opt for the puppy.