Cashews! Raw! Toasted! Yum!

Cashews  come from Central and South America as well as the Caribbean, and are funny looking seeds that grow singly on the outside of a fruit called a cashew “Apple”. The seed is shelled to give us the creamy cashew snack we know and love. Cashews are high in magnesium, which is important to help us absorb adequate calcium form our diet. An ounce of cashews also has 2/3rd of our daily does of copper, not something we usually think about, but copper is important in collagen and elastin – components of our skin and connective tissue.

Cashews are high in fats which can go rancid at room temperature or after heating, so for best results, buy small amounts of raw cashews frequently and store them in the fridge. If you want them toasted, toast them yourself fin small batches. You can also make this delicious cashew cream! (Thanks Carie!)  as a delicious dairy cream substitute.