Up in (liquid) smoke

We had a discussion at the Healthy Potluck about smoky flavors in food, and sources thereof. Since according to the World Health Organization, there is no safe level of bacon, plus; vegetarians, we wondered what else could be used to impart such a flavor to dishes. Here were some things I discovered; Make some Lapsang Souchang tea and add a few teaspoons to your recipe. Smoked ancho or chipotle chiles  are an option if you like a kick to go with your smoke. Smoked paprika and smoked salt (use at the end, or things might get too salty before they get smoky)  are also available and can impart depth to your recipes. There is also a product called “Liquid Smoke” and if you have sensitive smoke detectors in your house, this might be a good solution. It’s made from filtered condensation from a  smoky hardwood fire. Be careful – apparently a little goes a long way. It was suggested to add it to a spray bottle and spritz the recipe, stir and then taste before adding more.