Granola Nests

From Lisa Lee

2 C Old fashioned oats dry

1/3 C shredded unsweetened coconut

2 TBSP ground flax seed

¼ tsp cinnamon

1 tsp Vanilla

5 TBSP liquid coconut oil

¼ C honey (*local)

(you could also add some chopped nuts - E)

Mix until oats are completely coated. Use ice cream scoop to drop into greased muffin tin. Gently press with the back of the scoop to form into cup shape. Bake at 325 degrees (*F) for 18 minutes. When cool, top with a dollop of Greek yogurt, berries, more coconut, shaved dark chocolate, etc……

No-cook Oatmeal Bites

1/2 C raw rolled oats (can be pulsed in a food processor if you want it smoother)

2 T of nut butter of your choice, you could also use coconut oil

2 T of chopped nuts

2 T of dried fruit

2 T chocolate chips (or 1 T of unsweetened cocoa)

Put it all in a bowl and mix it up with a fork to combine. Cool in the fridge and make little balls. Mix and match to create your own combination! I sometimes just eat it with a spoon.

Fruit-nut Balls

Lemon OR Choc-Orange OR Choc-Peanutbutter

Make a base of:
1C dates
1 C walnuts or sliced almonds
1/2 raw cashews
1/2 C coconut
(mix n match nuts to your taste, add more nuts if too sticky)

Put all the ingredients into your blender and pulverize. (I love my vitamix!) Add extras below to customize the balls, or create your own combinations! Cool the dough for easier handling, wet your hands, and make little balls, then roll them in something to quell the sticky factor (coconut, cocoa). These make great gifts. They last days/weeks in the fridge and indefinitely in the freezer (airtight). Freeze them in dough form or in ball form before your roll them in something.

*Lemon balls: 2 teaspoons of zest and 1/4 C lemon juice, roll in coconut or a little sugar
*Choc-orange balls: 6 Tablespoons of cocoa (unsw), juice of 1 big orange, zest of same orange, roll in cocoa or coconut.
*Choc-Peanutbutter (or almond butter – why not?)
- use 1 C peanut butter and 1 C coconut as base, add 1/2 C Choc chips, roll in coconut