Açai – how the heck do I pronounce it, and what does it do?

Well, first of all: the word is Portuguese, so say A-sai-ee. The Acai berry comes from central and south America and is reddish purple. Because of their deep pigmentation, they have been touted as the next super-berry, having possibly more antioxidant properties than other berries. There’s not enough research to support that, but they likely are up there with the others. They also contain fiber and healthy oils. There are some warnings about high levels of acai messing with the medications for kidney disease, high cholesterol and diabetes, but then there are others that feel that acai is protective. Web MD is meh about them. Other sources think they are as great as Goji.

Until more research is in, I’d treat it like just another berry. Don’t go overboard and enjoy it a another way of getting more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Also, the more processed it is, the lower the nutrition, so read labels and watch for additives.