I think I eat some walnuts everyday. The things are amazing (article here). Low GI, full of fiber, minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and omega-3s, easily available, great for your cardiovascular system, reduced diabetes, cancer and metabolic syndrome risks,  and grown in the USA. Buy them in bulk (faster store turn-over, therefore fresher) and smell/taste them before you pay. The oils in raw walnuts can go rancid easily – then YUK. They are also heavenly when toasted – but only toast the right amount just before you use them. Toasting walnuts destabilizes the oils so they’ll go rancid faster. I keep mine raw and in the freezer. Oh, and apparently, the skins are the healthiest part  surprise. So don’t discard them, throw them into whatever you’re eating too.

Walnuts are great on top of salads, yogurt, mixed into savory grains or stuffings, thrown into smoothies, trail mixes,  part of crumble toppings, muffins etc.etc.etc. and My favorite: eaten raw with apples and a sharp cheese.