Goji Berries – so what’s the big deal?

So as usual, the Chinese have been eating these berries and deriving benefits from their nutritional properties for centuries before us. Gojis, like many berries have lots of fiber, vitamins, iron and carotenoids, but also are the only fruit containing all essential amino acids for humans. They also contain many minerals, and are credited with increasing alertness. They can be eaten raw, dried or reconstituted. Some website articles tout them as the second coming. Othersare more conservative. I found them at Whole Foods, but likely Asian food stores will have them too. They are contraindicated if you are taking Warfarin/other blood thinners (apparently Gojis are a natural anticoagulant), or blood pressure medications. Hmm, that maybe a LOT of Americans. Everything we take in interacts inside us, so if you are on medications, it’s good to ask your medical professional about possible food/drug interactions. A moderate amount of any food won’t make a big difference, but many folks think, well if a little is good, MORE IS BETTER. (Of course, not true.)

But on the whole, it seems like Goji berries are a tasty interesting bigger-nutritional-bang-for-the-buck dried fruit addition and could replace the higher sugar-less nutritious ubiquitous and boring raisin or sugar-coated dried cranberry (try and find a dried cranberry thats not – let me know if you do!)