Oregano, the oil thereof.

Apart from being all sorts of yummy, oregano has all sorts of great properties. I’ve been using the anti-inflammatory properties this week against a head cold. Carvacrol is its most important component, and is responsible for many of oregano’s health benefits including anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Carvacrol has powerful antimicrobial properties, and has been shown to help break through the outer cell membranes that help protect bacteria from your immune system. A drop diluted in 4-5 drops of carrier oil like olive, can be used topically for fungal infections or taken internally for about a week for internal infections. You can also put a drop or two in a bowl of boiling water for a steam inhalation .Here are some other uses. Oregano Oil its very expensive, but adding dried or fresh oregano to your food is a cheaper tastier option. Make your own salad dressings, chilis, soups and stuffings with plenty. Heat does not deactivate it’s anti-microbial properties. Plus oregano makes a simple cheesy-toast magically become PIZZA.