Sobering info on beverages.

Well, bummer. I finally get off refined sugar only to find out that my new treat- yummy red wine, anti-oxidants! heart healthy! – has a few nutritional downsides. One is residual sugar – the fruit sugar left over from the fermentation. A dryer wine will have less, and a sweeter wine more (duh), but on average, a 5 oz pour will give you about 50 calories. And then there’s beer and spirits. Every drink, whether it be beer, wine or liquor (a comparison) is some combination of alcohol calories and sugar calories. Unfortunately, alcohol is more calorically dense (7cal/g) than carbohydrate or protein (4cal/g), coming in under fat (10cal/g). Here’s an article comparing caloric values of wine and beer. So that 5 oz pour of wine will also contain about 100 calories solely from the alcohol, for a total of about 150 cal (50 from the sugar and 100 from the alcohol).

Dammit. Moderation is the most appropriate yet annoying answer.