Black Tea

I just returned from visiting my Grandmother in the UK. All English people drink tea, and lots of it. It’s the time-honored response to almost any life event spanning  walking in the door after shopping, to celebrating the birth of a child. You must do it right though; boil the water, warm the pot (very important! Or the cold pot cools the water too much to brew the tea), THEN put the tea in and pour the water on top. THEN, pour the carefully steeped tea into a cup and only after add milk etc. Black and green tea come from the same plant – Camellia Sinensis. Black tea is dried and fermented, whereas green tea is not. There are lots of benefits to drinking black tea. This is due to the amounts polyphenols and catechins (antioxidants) that leach out of the tea leaves into the hot water. Even WebMD is also cautiously optimisticabout black tea (1-4 C a day) which says a lot, as scientific organizations are quite mealy mouthed when it comes to dietary benefits of things. If you wish to be completely overwhelmed with tea, Dobra Tea shop has more tea than you could ever hope to consume, with a tome-like menu of tea. But it’s a lot of fun to sit and choose a variety, and then have tea with a friend in such a lovely environment.