Coconut Water – health or hype?

Coconut water is all the rage as the new sports drink, and companies are very willing to sell it to you. It’s not a bad choice, but its pretty expensive, and packaging-heavy. It does contain a bit of sodium and potassium and a few carbs, so it can replenish these if you are actively sweating for a period of time. But unless you are an athlete undergoing prolonged exercise, it’s probably not worth the expense if you are already consuming plentiful water and eating a healthy diet. In my opinion, this is just another fad product that is fine to consume, but is likely not going to change the average exerciser’s performance in a major way. If you like it and it helps you stay hydrated, then great! Other (free) hydrations options: make your own sports drink in your own not-trash bottle with a squeezed lemon or lime and a sprinkle of salt. Keep adding water when you get about half-way and the citrus flavor will stay perceptible. Also, looking beyond the market where you buy the product is something we should all do. Where are those coconuts coming from? Are the growers being scammed? How much plastic packaging is around this blob of mostly-water? Buying into marketing hype is a great way of buying into increased environmental damage in many ways, so buyer-be-educated!