Savory Bok Choi

Christine Sullivan “I made up this recipe a couple of years ago and people seem to like it – enjoy!”

1-2 large heads of Bok Choi or 6 baby Bok Choi

2-4 Tbs olive oil 

1 pkg diced pancetta (4 oz.)

2-3 large cloves garlic, chopped

½ tsp crushed red pepper (optional)

¼ cup water or white wine or stock

Low sodium tamari or soy sauce

  • Wash thoroughly and trim the bok choi. 

  • Keeping separate, chop the stems into ½’ chunks and chop the leaves into 1-2” pieces. 

  • Add olive oil to saute pan on medium heat. 

  • Add pancetta and cook until the fat begins to render, 

  • Add the stems and garlic and saute until tender—do not brown the garlic

  • Raise the heat, add the liquid and several dashes of soy sauce and red pepper if desired and add the leaves

  • Cover, lower heat, and cook for 5-8 minutes until the leaves are tender but not soggy. 

Serve over quinoa or wild rice