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Exercise Classes in Your Workplace

I can design and implement a class series or a single workshop for health in the workplace specifically for your employees. Connect me with your HR department and let’s make it happen!

Classes that work well on site:

  1. Pilates/Yoga – for core strength

  2. Stretching and Self Massage – for the prevention of repetitive motion injuries commonly seen in office environments

  3. Healthy Eating – for the holidays, on the go for traveling employees, at home, vegetarian, heart health, etc.

Anything your employees can think of…

A short Strengthening routine

After walking or warming up try any or all of the following:
• Lunges or Squats x 10 per leg (quadriceps/front of leg and glutes)
• Bicep curls with band or bottle of liquid (10 x per arm)
• Standing Hamstring Curls (10 x per leg)
• Tricep overhead extensions with band, or water bottle/can o beans OR tricep dips (10x)
• Calf Raises with a balance at the top (15 – 20 x) and Toe Taps  (30 x or ’til you feel it)
• Shoulder press overhead with band or water bottle/can o beans (10 x per arm)
Pilates series of 5 and lumbar extension, face-down position, for 5 breaths (repeat 3 x)


Add ins for extra brownie points:
Rowing with band, standing on one leg, hip/half/full-body push ups, planks (front and side), dolphin or half-dog (yoga), any yoga balances, sissy squats. Call or email for more descriptions.


Emma’s 3 minute quad workout:

Feel free to play this video straight up, or mute it and put on your own favorite music!